So the final day of the season has come and gone and my oh my was it one to remember. I had tweeted at the beginning of Sunday that I hoped for a great final day of the season and even though I hoped that it would be as dramatic as it was I never really believed that it would happen!

Campione, campione, ole, ole, ole

Firstly I would like to congratulate Manchester City on clinching their first Premiership title and their first league title in 44 years, they have fought hard all season and played some beautiful football and fully deserve the title, but more than the players and the manager the fans deserve it. Sheik Mansour may have poured over a Billions pounds into the team which in turn has meant that the rest of the fans in the league are left bemoaning that they have “bought the league” but before he took over the same fans that were celebrating yesterday have gone through despair of seeing their beloved club relegated and even sinking to the lows of League One the then Second Division so the fans fully deserve the elation they are currently going through.

The game itself was fully of surprises and was the icing on the cake for a turbulent and truly astonishing season that was full shocks and surprises. City took the lead through Pablo Zabaleta with his shoot saved but not fully as it bounced up in the air and fell towards goal and knocked off the post and into the back of the net leaving QPR ‘keeper Paddy Kenny unable to stop it crossing the line. During the set up of the play Yaya Toure was involved but with the team celebrating he was left on the floor with a hamstring injury and that was pretty much the end of his involvement of the game and de Jong was soon on to  replace him.

With things standing the way they were City were on their way to being crown Champions of England but with the second half underway Lescott’s poor header back let Cissé run in at goal and smash one past Hart to equalise for QPR and not handing United a huge chance to become League Champions for the 20th time but seven minutes later the game turned nasty as Joey Barton was escorted off the field by members of QPR and old team Manchester City teammate Micah Richards. With Tevez and Barton involved in a small ruckus that left Tevez on the floor and Barton red carded, Barton made things a whole lot worse for himself when he then kneed Sergio Agüero to the floor and then moved his head towards Vincent Kompany when he was confronted by him. Yet again Joey Barton has spoiled his football ability with his shockingly poor temperament which could have seen QPR relegated if Bolton had not been so mistreated by the referee in their game.

QPR though did not give up and even made things worse for City when Jamie Mackie heading home their second. It was a real gem of a diving header and won that United fans and Sir Alex Ferguson must have thought had handed them the title yet again. Manchester City fans were crying as they never saw themselves overturning the two goals, as they had become so used to losing that it was hard to believe that this was going to be their year. As the time ticked away Mancini was growing visibly more angry and screaming at his players to get into the game more, imploring them to go forward.

Mancini bought on Dzeko and Balotelli which turned out be a masterstroke as they were key to the two goals that gave them the win they needed. As time moved on it looked increasingly like they were not going to score with Paddy Kenny making a string of saves to keep out numerous City players as well as the City players wasting chance after chance so with the United game finishing 1-0 and City having 5 minutes of added time to go all they needed was one goal to give them that belief that they can do it and they got it thanks to Edin Dzeko. When that goal went in the Crowd along with fans around the world went crazy, while United fans fast felt that sinking feeling, so when the came on the attack again and Balotelli slide the ball to Agüero who kept his head and smashed it past Kenny to sent his teammates and fans into ecstasy United fans were left flat.

Mancini, Platt and co were running onto the pitch when Agüero scored and the scenes between the city fans and player and the fans and players of United were so contrasting the pure exultation that the City fans never thought they would feel especially after going so close to losing it all I have to saw it has been a long time since I have seen scene’s like it. The fans raided the pitch as soon as the first blow of the whistle went.

I am very happy for many of the players at Manchester City, and Vincent Kompany in particular. He has handled himself brilliantly and led City the real leader that he is. The whole season along with Yaya Toure has worked hard and kept the team moving forward.

Here are some pictures and videos of the day, one of my favorites is Paul Merson on Soccer  Saturday “They have loves bites and everything” watch it and laugh along with me.


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