Okay so people may have read an older post “Why Chelsea should NOT hire Roberto Di Matteo” and now wonder if I have changed my view. Well as you can see by the title of this post I haven’t, but what I have come to believe is that they should give Didier Drogba the extra two years that he wants.

I know that may seem rather contradictory of me but hear me out. I am only purposing that statement to make the point that on that Saturday night when Chelsea were crowned Champions of Europe they only had one man to thank, and it wasn’t Roberto Di Matteo, it wasn’t Frank Lampard or Ashley Cole or even Petr Cech but Didier Drogba!

He managed, bossed, owned that field yet again helping defend, breaking up attacks and holding up the ball for players to join the attack, but most of all he scored the goal that gave Chelsea their way back into the game and that isn’t the first time he has done for them, this season or during his illustrious career so the fact they are not going to keep him at the club is laughable. Some players could think to themselves that if they aren’t going to give me the contract I want, stuff em’ and then go on to give a poor showing of themselves, but Drogba isn’t that kind of player. He is a warrior, a leader and he showed the world all his best qualities on that night.

For years I had disliked Drogba but much like the same way for years I had despised Ferguson, after a time that turned into appreciate and respect. With Ferguson it was because of how successful he and his Manchester United teams were, with Drogba it was because of his ability being matched with his play acting and foul winning. Now that may still be a part of his game, but the way the has taken the game by the scruff of the neck and has fought for Chelsea and especially his display against Barcelona, all that negative vibe turned into appreciation for all that he is about. Drogba as well as Lampard and some other players at Chelsea deserve that trophy and I am happy for Di Matteo but without having to say the name, there is one player whom I can’t say I am happy for!

In the end what Chelsea have achieved is a dream come true. I don’t feel that the best team on the night won, and don’t feel that this represents that Chelsea are the best team in Europe as five other teams finished above them in the Premiership this year, including Newcastle, no disrespect to Newcastle. Football is not a game that can be predicted on form or skill but it is the things you can’t measure like courage, heart and determination that will see a victory with the saying “who wants it more” coming to mind. Some of those qualities can be installed in the players or in some cases re-installed and looking from the outside in it looks as if Di Matteo has done just that, but now is the time for a new manager to come in and drive Chelsea further and personally I don’t think Di Matteo is that manager, yet!


2 thoughts on “Why Chelsea should NOT hire Roberto Di Matteo, but keep Didier Drogba!

  1. I feel sorry for Drobga aside from all the money he earns and the trophy he lifted on Saturday night because as you point out, they don’t treat him like the great player he is. They said in commentary during the game how there are few people that can stop him because of his athleticism, his strength and his clinical finishing.

    The reason I reckon for Chelsea giving him the cold shoulder the whole season is because Roman messed up on signing Torres for that ridiculous sum as he did. There are only two players in the world granted unless your City that you should spend that much wonga on and we all know who they are. I think with the introduction of DiMatteo, Roman has given him the space that he didn’t give his predecessors in the way of you play whoever you think is best upfront, but Torres has to be included in there at some point. Freakishly I think that is what’s worked because Drogba has torn apart defences and helped out defensively wherever possible. Torres has come on and scored the winner in the Nou Camp.

    Again, you’re spot on in my opinion when you say Chelsea weren’t the better team on the night.
    To keep going on about him. I thought it was brilliant that Drogba played Barca at their own game at the Camp Nou because in my eyes, they are a brilliant team but their play acting just gets so ridiculous at times that you want to turn off the tv. They constantly call for the ref to brandish cards and I don’t like it. For that one game, Drogba played them at their own game, he dived, he played hurt, he wasted time and it worked. Hypocritical I know but go Drogba! (chuckle chuckle)

    • It is sad that Drogba is leaving, I don’t think Lukaku is the player yet to replace him, and now Torres has come out and said he isn’t happy, i think it is fair to say that they are going to buy a striker during the summer transfer window! But who?

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