So you can be on twitter and read all the stories from the papers but you never know the truth from the fiction, but that is half the fun, for me anyway. I enjoy the speculation and the debate as well as trying to read between the lines and pieces together stray links.

So much can hinge on a transfer happening or not happening which will cause a “butterfly effect”.

One of the transfers that is doing the rounds at the moment is the Hazard saga. He has now come out and said that he is either going to join Chelsea, Manchester City or Manchester United and that is decisions will depend on where he plays and how much playing time he will get. Now from that statement I could only imagine that would rule out Manchester City as if he is wanting to play in the middle, behind the striker – which has been rumoured – then that would mean that City would have to jig things around a little, but also in terms of playing time with only a few attacking players a City getting a larger share of playing time, if he is given the assurance of playing time that could mean that Nasr will be able to develop into a better player even more while sitting on the bench.

Chelsea again doesn’t sound like the club that would suit Hazard and as they don’t have a manager confirmed it would be hard to say what formation they would be playing and how Hazard would fit in to that system, so I would be very surprised if the young Belgium did arrive in London instead of Manchester.

So that would seem to leave United as a better fit for Hazard. They play in a system that would suit him and in regards to playing time he would become one of their key players in the fight to win back the Premiership from their City rivals.

Now if United did sign Hazard would they still want to sign Borussia Dortmund’s Japanese starlet Shinji Kagawa or would that leave the door open for Arsenal to sign him? Kagawa has been rumoured to be on the move with England seemingly the likely destination but with Dortmund holding out for more money, and with a few clubs interested in him they can, but if it comes down to only one club looking to sign him, the price may drop, which would suit Arsenal down to the ground.

In regards to Kagawa and Arsenal it would also seem that maybe there is more than just Hazard signing for United that is hanging in the balance as it is also rumoured that Dortmund are looking for a striker with Arsenal’s want-away Nicklas Bendtner one they have their eye on. Now if a deal could be struck for Kagawa for a fee with Bendtner going the other way it could mean that Arsenal will be able to kill two birds with one stone. The only spanner in the works there is the young Dane himself as he has said that he will not make a decision until after the Euro’s which may be too late for Arsenal and Dortmund to reach a deal for Kagawa, who may already be on his way somewhere else.


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