I have to say the way some Liverpool fans have reacted to Roberto Martinez and Brendan Rodgers being interviewed has really riled me. Liverpool were linked with every manager going, whether it was rumours on twitter or rumours in print and the general consensus among Liverpool fans was that they wanted a big manager that was going to attract big players talking about Hiddink, Mourinho or Guardiola. Just how deluded can fans be as well as short sighted.

It is rather amusing that while Liverpool fans cry out for attractive winning football they would want Jose Mourinho at the club as he would bring them success. So what is it that the Liverpool fans want style or success? The fans also want experience from their new manager, but before Guardiola took over at Barcelona what was his job? Ah yes he was manager of Barcelona B team, but yet he is now one of the most sought after managers. Who knows what the next four years will hold for Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool, it could be great or it could end well before then, but that is the gamble in football.

“Liverpool are a big club”

Liverpool Football Club has a big history but if you look at the last 10 years just what have Liverpool achieved? 2 League Cup’s (9 years ago & this season), 1 FA Cup (6 years ago) and the Champions League (7 years ago). As things stand as of this season there were the 8th best team in the country and 37 points away from the Champions Manchester City and are only in Europe thanks to their cup runs. So why would Frank de Boer or Jürgen Kloop want to leave their successful league winning clubs to manage a club in disarray and only competing in the Europa League? Why should Guardiola listen to offers from Liverpool if Chelsea are seemingly after him? Chelsea have finished in the top four and competed for the league more often than Liverpool in recent history and even became Champions of Europe so who is the “bigger” club right now?

Liverpool fans need to stop living in the past and step into the now and see what their club really is. Mohammad Ali was one of the world’s greatest boxers but he could go a single round nowadays but at least he knows that. But the fans aren’t the only ones that have got under my skins there is also fan favourite or villain depending which side of the fence you sit on Martin Lawrenson who has come out and said that “It’s a great appointment for him and the biggest gamble the club have taken in a long time,” Biggest gamble the club have taken in a long time, Really? I thought £35m on Andy Carroll or £18m on Jordon Henderson where bigger gambles or hiring Dalglish after 11 years out of management.

Liverpool Football Club need to progress and need a manager that has new ideas and can lead them into a new future and if they took the time to look at what Brendan Rodgers is all about then they would see that he could very well be that manager. He has had great success with Swansea with their style of playing winning many neutral fans during last season and if Liverpool started to play like that then the fans will soon be praising him but right now they are so up their own history that they feel that he is not a “big” enough manager for their club, and all I can say on that is – get over yourselves.


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