Where it all began:

Ian Abrahams ‏@Moose_talkSPORT: Hearing from 2 sources UNCONFIRMED Harry Redknapp has left Spurs – I am trying to get official conformation

Now surely he should know that putting that on Twitter was going to start a shit storm if it wasn’t confirmed, so I beg the question why tweet it if it isn’t confirmed!

Being that he works for talkSPORT means that his comments are going to hold a lot of weight with his followers and so when he says a suggestive statement like that it is only going to ignite twitter into a trending rage.

But it doesn’t seem that it was just him that was unprofessional, in my eyes anyway, as Paddy Power were happy to get involved on Twitter as well.

Paddypower ‏@paddypower: Breaking: Harry Redknapp is leaving Spurs. We’ve got our hands on the resignation letter

Maybe it is just me, but I feel that if you are representing a multi-million company then you shouldn’t be getting involved with stuff like that. Me on the other hand, until I am a earning a large sum of money, I might.

Spurs boss Redknapp slams quits rumours

ESPN did some actual journalism and asked the man himself to which he said “No, I haven’t resigned, and I have no idea why it is being suggested that I have resigned.

“This is an outrage; an absolute liberty for people to be putting around this kind of rumour on the internet. It is not true, there is not a chance I will resign. Why should I? I have a year left on my contract.”

So the majority of Tottenham fans can sigh with relief while some Tottenham fans I know will be upset that he is staying. I for one think he and Tottenham go well together and the sooner they get him a new contract the better, for them.


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