…And keep his mouth shut!

So Nasri feels that the media are only asking him questions to create stories about him but yet gives them exactly what they want! He is having a Britney Spears moment. What next? Is he going to shave his head?

This has all come about because of his reaction tonight after France went out to Spain when an AFP journalist asked for his reaction to France going out. Nasri said that he would give no comment, the Journalist pressed for a comment to which Nasri said again that he wouldn’t give a comment. Now the French Journalist said something to Nasri but then reportedly came back with a triad of insults saying “Fuck you motherfucker. Go fucked your mother … That way you can say I’m rude.” Yes, we can all now call you are rude as well as stupid.

Now other players were asked for a reaction and they just walked straight onto the bus, with Mathieu Valbuena apparently declining saying that he could say something he would regret! Well I’m sure he can have a good long talk with Nasri about that!


2 thoughts on “Oh Nasri you buffoon

  1. French team seem to have internal problems in every championship. Evra, Nasri, Anelka are not the first ones I would hire as teambuilding consultants :).

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