Drogba signs for Shanghai then moves to Barça? Could this be true?

It seems that when Didier Drogba signed for Shanghai Shenhua there was a release clause for a move to Barcelona, and reports from Spain are circulating that he could be signing for them tomorrow!

If that transfer does happen it will be up there with the transfers of Robert Jarni and David Unsworth as they both signed for clubs and then within a short time were on the move again.

I have to be honest it would be something of a surprise if this transfer did happen, not just because of the timing and the money but mainly because I don’t see how he would fit into the Barcelona team.

This could be the start of something new, obviously with Pep gone and Tito in, we may see a change in style for Barça, or maybe they want him so that if they ever face Shanghai he won’t be there to haunt them.

I would have expected Drogba to play in the white of Real Madrid and team up with Jose Mourinho again than see him donning the Scarlet and Blue of Cataluña. I could imagine Real to pay the wages, I could see him fitting into the team and enjoying working with Mourinho again. I can’t see Barça pay those kinds of wages, and I really, really can’t see how he and Messi would play together, or Pedro, David Villa and Alexis Sanchez for that matter.

Well I guess we will all find out tomorrow/later on today (depending where and when you are reading this). Intriguing none-the-less.


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