Italy Beat Germany 2-0 tonight to meaning they will face Spain in the final of the European Championships on Sunday evening thanks to two goals socred by the always entertaining Mario Balotelli.

Whether you like him or not, one this is for sure and that is you will always be entertained by him. Tonight we got to see all the things which make Balotelli so watchable. He scored goals, gave us some off the ball talking points and moodily walked off when subbed because of an injury.

The first goal was a nice header from Cassano cross, thanks to some poor defending but the second goal was a beauty, In the words of the now foresaken Andy Gray – “Take a bow”. A well timed run matched with a well timed pass saw Balotelli running at goal before he unleashed a ferocious shot that sped past Neuer leaving him no chance at all. The speed and power along with the accuracy makes for a beautiful goal, one that I have yet to tire to see a replay off. For me that is, so far, goal of the tournament.

Along with the outstanding goal Balotelli gave us more to talk about with his goal celebration, which you can see from the above picture. He whipped off his shirt, which he was booked for, and then gave us that pose. No shouting at anyone, but I am sure that was a point being made to someone.

I’m looking forward to the start of the Premiership season so I can watch more Balotelli moments.


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