I am going to be going my team of the tournament, but I thought it would be interesting to see how the Castrol Edge Index on the UEFA website have it. I am going to go for a 4-2-3-1 formation. As each team has used different styles I am picking one that I feel has been most represented. If you feel otherwise, let me know and I am review it. So the team would look like this.

GK Buffon 8.90
RB Arbeloa 9.13
LB Fábio Coentrão 9.29
DC Pepe 9.61
DC Piqué 9.38
MC Marchisio 9.54
MC Xabi Alonso 9.48
AM  Iniesta 9.43
AM Silva 9.33
AM Dzagoev 9.09
FC Cristiano Ronaldo 9.68

So are you as surprised as me to see that Pirlo doesn’t make the XI? I was. I was even more surprised, actually shocked to see that he was ranked 18th out of the midfielders, 46th! 46th Overall! Are they serious? Ashley Cole, Joleon Lescott, Glenn Johnson and John Terry have all ranked higher, with Terry and Johnson 14th and 27th respectively, Crazy.

Anyway, there is Castrol’s Edge Index my team will follow sometime tomorrow.


Agree or disagree? Have your say!

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