Now I cant say that I know a lot about Neymar’s ability except from what people have said and how Pele is adamant that he is going to be better than Messi, but that seems to be said to continue his feud with Maradona, but from what I have seen it is clear that he has a huge amount of ability.

Undoubtedly we will all know the name Neymar in a few years, and know it solely from what we have seen with our own eyes, whether it is in the all white of Madrid or the Scarlet and Blue of Barcelona.

I will not lie to you most of what I have seen of Neymar is thanks to the internet, but with that I have also come to see another side to the young Brazilian that just watching him live may not fully capture and that is his fun, entertaining nature.

From goal celebrations, joking with team mates and entertaining the crowd it is evident that he is a real character, one that when Europe gets a hold of we shall all be able to share in, and I for one hope that the English Premier League will be able to enjoy it with a transfer to a Premiership club, you never know with Chelsea and Manchester City!

I can fully understand now why he has said that he doesn’t want to leave Santos yet, as it looks like he is loving life at the moment and doesn’t have to be worrying about his life outside of the pitch like he would in England or Spain or anywhere else in Europe. He can be who he is and enjoy his life.

It is clear that he has that star quality, the likes of Balotelli or Cristiano Ronaldo possess, and will be a huge star and a huge name in the world of football

have a watch of this video with him doing an array of dance moves and joking around. The music from the video comes form Joao Lucas & Marcelo and the song is called Tchu tcha tcha, which is what Neymar is doing the dance moves to at the beginning and throughout the video…enjoy!

(WARNING SONG IS VERY CONTAGIOUS!!!) – Tchu tcha tcha tchu tchu tcha


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