Spain defeated Italy 4-0 to be renamed Champions of Europe. The records have been broken and history books rewritten, and with the ink still fresh it seems that there is still more to come.

The Spanish team over the last eight years will go down as one of the best football teams the world have ever seen, with comparisons to East Germany and Brazil and for good reason.

Throughout the tournament Spain have been dominate but some have argued boring, and with some even saying anti-football. Well those that had said that can not say anything of the like after the way they dismantled Italy.

They passed with speed and accuracy, and even though they gave the ball away more than they would normally, they were always dangerous. Spain started the game better than Italy and though Italy got into the game, they were never able to properly compete. The movement, the passing and ultimately the clinical finishing was too much for Italy to deal with.

It isn’t even that Italy had a bad final, they played well, they had their chances, but Spain out played them, in every part of the pitch. If I am honest they played near enough just as good as they did when they beat Germany, but the class of Spain for there for the world to see. It is hard to see at this moment in time a team in the world that could have beaten Spain, especially on this form.

Many talked about Spain not playing with a striker, but how can anyone talk about Spain in a negative way when they win the Euro’s in such an emphatic way, with or without a striker in the starting eleven. If David Villa was fit maybe things would have been different, but Torres didn’t start many games, and he has finished top goal scorer (enter joke here).

It would be hard to puck just one player from the Spain squad that deserved to be singled out as they all played so well and played as a team, something the Dutch players need to realise if they ever want to achieve anything, that it is deserving that they have won the trophy and their winners medals. For me some stand out performances for Spain was Cesc Fabregas and Jordi Alba who really shone this tournament. Jordi Alba burst onto the scene this year for Spain while Cesc is now a starter where before people struggled to see where he would fit in.

The plaudits that are coming the way of Spain are fully deserved. Any team that wins the European Cup, the World Cup and the European Cup again all in succession and with out conceding a single goal during the knockout stages is almost unbelievable! If that was in a film and hadn’t yet happened in real life people would cry out how unrealistic it is. But it HAS happened. It IS happening and I stress is as there are still new players coming through so will be seeing this style and this version of Spain for years to come.


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