As the rumours increasingly grow that Spurs are soon to be taken over, does this frighten spurs fans or excite them?

With a takeover of the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City on the cards we could well see another shift in the Premiership elite pushing the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool further down the list, now I know Tottenham fans will get great satisfaction if they begin to muscle out Arsenal of the top spot and start challenging for the title for real. I have spoken to some spurs fans and while some are optimist, there has been some that have shown some concern, as any true Spurs fan can’t bring themselves to be too happy.

One of the fans I spoke to that had his troubles with the apparent takeover said though he would be happy if they started to spend big and bring it players like Chelsea and City have, he would worry about how the club would balance the books because when an owner ups and leaves he will be leaving a mass debt behind. We have seen in the past with what can happen to clubs that owe money. Leeds, Portsmouth and most recently Glasgow Rangers have all fell foul of the crippling monster called debt.

It is said that the takeover would still see Levy in charge but would see a lot more investment in the club, which will go on bringing new players, but also I can only assume bring new faculties and a new stadium.

Would having Levy in charge of buying players with bags loads more of money be a good thing though? I mean he doesn’t have the best track record for buying the right players for the right amount giving them the right contract. It could well be just pissing money up the wall. Don’t get me wrong he has made of great deals, but also some dud ones, David Bentley is a great example.

So who would be the manger?

Well the rumour mill has had its fun with this subject, but as far as I am to understand Tottenham are only a few days away from announcing that Andre Villas-Boas as their new manager. So what would that mean for Spurs? Well, given the time, which he didn’t have at Chelsea, I believe that AVB could push Tottenham to greater heights, especially if they have unlimited Qatari money. Bale has just signed a new long term contract, so Levy must have been able to give him enough insurances of future investment of players and Spurs have been linked with João Moutinho, who had a good tournament with Portugal and also played under AVB at Porto. If a takeover does happen, could Tottenham with AVB in charge look to persuade Porto to let some of their bigger stars go? Falcao, Hulk, Rolando, Otamendi all played under AVB can I am sure they would all jump at the chance to work with him again, especially with a nice contract to boot.

This could be exciting time for Tottenham, who knows this time in two years we could be talking about Tottenham in the same way we are talking about Manchester City. In today’s day and age anything can happen!


Agree or disagree? Have your say!

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