So last week when the Brazilian Olympic Football squad was announced many tipped Brazil for the Gold, but Brazilian goal scoring legend and Silver medallist at the 1988 Olympic Games, Romário disagrees. He felt that the inclusion of Hulk was a “mistake” as he would have liked three defenders in the squad, or a striker that would command more respect. Ideally Romário would have liked to see Thiago Silva and David Luiz and Daniel Alves as the over 23’s selected.

When talking to the media in Brazil about the Menezes squad he said “It is rubbish, nothing against the over-23s that were selected but this called for players who are respected” adding “I’m not the coach but I disagree with the selection. I would take three defenders over the age of 23.”  And on Hulk – “Hulk is a good player and has a big future but he is a player for the World Cup (2014), not the Olympics. We have so many players over the age of 23. We should have taken a player who commands more respect.”

It funny how when we look at the team GB squad we would love to have the likes of Hulk in there, along with the likes of Thiago Silva, Marcelo, Neymar and Pato. Interestingly though the thoughts of experience are shared as many UK based journalists and football fans would have liked to see David Beckham in the GB squad for the Olympics.

Though some may feel that Olympics football is a worthless tournament, I think that is a sentiment only felt in Great Britain and some parts of Europe. Many South American teams take the Olympic tournament very seriously as do the Spanish and just look at the talent those nations produce. I don’t think it is hard to see why these nations keep breeding these types of players, as they are given ample opportunities to shine, where as here they are thrust into the limelight and into the national team and it is sink or swim, with some unable to handle the pressures.

The standards that Romário has for his national side seem to be much higher than for ours, but I guess that is because he can have those high standards, where as we can only wish we could be so spoilt.


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