So the Madrid based paper as has printed that Luka Modric “ha dejado claro su deseo al Tottenham” – made clear his wish to Tottenham “solo quiero jugar en al Madrid” – I just want to play in Madrid”

So on seeing this I decided to go venture over to their website to see if I can find more information on this story and it seems that there could be a deal in place for €40 million (around £32m) but it seems Levy would be interested in a deal that would see Ricardo Carvalho coming the other way and Spurs receiving in the region of €35 million (around £28m)

If that deal did happen that would mean a reunion for Carvalho and Villas-Boas as he has worked with him at Porto and Chelsea while Jose Mourinho was manager at both clubs.

If there is some truth to this, then this really leaves Tottenham and Levy in a pickle as Madrid could start to play hard ball on the transfer fee, much like how Barcelona did with Cesc Fabregas.

Either way the rumours of Modric to Madrid have been rumbling on now for a few weeks and Spurs fans will just be hoping that it gets resolved sooner rather than later, with many feeling that if he doesn’t want to be at the club then get a decent price and let him go, although I am sure that is what Levy is trying to do.

I wonder what will happen if Tottenham to get this investment or takeover that has been talked about, will Modric then sign a new bumper deal and declare his love for the club yet again?


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