So it seems Ganso won’t be Santos player for much longer with Delcir Sonda, co-founder of DIS Esporte, who own 55% of the economic rights to Gnaso, stating that the young Brazilian won’t play for the club again.

In an interview with Radio Estadao ESPN he said “This is definitive, Ganso won’t play for Santos anymore” Delcir Sonda went on to say that Ganso may also stay in Brazil for at least another year with a move to Internacional being worked on, but who knows maybe a move to Europe could still be on the cards. I very much doubt that we are going to see Ganso in the Premiership anytime in the near future but I could well see his tricky skills in Spain, Italy or even Portugal.

He is a talented footballer that possesses a great left foot, but is good with his right. He has an abundance of skill on the ball and when it comes to dribbling he is something else. Santos will of course not want to see him go, but they will still have Neymar, but with DIS Esporte also having a stake in his rights who knows how this could turn out.

At 22 maybe he is still a little young, but it could be the right time for a move away from Brazil and to Europe with a club like Porto or Benfica. He would be able to adjust to Europe, play in either the growing Europa League or the Champions League and in a few years be playing at one of the elite clubs in the world. With his style I could see him at either Milan or Madrid or even Barcelona.


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