A friend of mine, who is a Liverpool supporter, and I we were discussing Brendan Rodgers’ appointment as Liverpool manager the other day and I was saying how sometimes when you see a name and a club they just fit. Well Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool fit.

We talked about possible transfers, the way he conducts press conferences and what he has said to the Media, and I admitted that he is making me like Liverpool again. Kenny ruined them for me, I am not a Liverpool supporter, but down the years I have liked them and their football. That all changed with Kenny. At the end of the conversation I said to him, keep a hold of this one. Much like how a friend would date badly until he finally finds a good woman.

For me, and my friend, he is doing and saying all the right things. He has come out and said he wants to bring in players that will “add value” to the club. In the mail last week Rodgers said “What I want to do is protect the club as well. If I have got a player, and I can put a value and worth to him, great. I am not one to identify a player then let the club go and spend an absolute fortune, when it will come to bite you on the back side.” Now the same can not be said for managers in the past.

Liverpool like to play attractive football, but also have a tradition of success that they always looking to regain. What Brendan Rodgers did at Swansea was more than commendable and if he can get Liverpool to play that way with a higher quality of players then there is no reason that they cant be the attractive playing winners of old.

This is of course if Liverpool fans give him enough time. I say the fans rather than the club, as it seems that the club will bow to down to pressure from the fans. Some of the Liverpool fans’ reactions to Rodgers being named their new manager really angered me. The “we will see how it goes” or “we will give him some time” as if he is on probation or that they know better. Anyone who follows football can tell you at what an exciting manager Brendan Rodgers is, but many supporters of a club, are just that. They have a narrow scope of the world of football, so in many cases only know what MOTD or what the newspapers tells them.

Rodgers is a progressive coach and a manager that is always looking to learn. From his time at Chelsea, where Mourinho saw his ability and promoted, to now as a manager where Del Bosque invited him to review Spain’s Euro 2012 tournament with him, it is clear to see that he is well revered in the world of football as a future success story. It a shame that some of the LFC fans don’t know that yet, but they soon will.

Rodgers will look to recreate the style of play he had at Swansea with Liverpool and may not have to spend much to do it. Some players may be found leaving the club to make way for players that are more suited to Rodgers’ style of play. Rodgers style focuses on ball retention, pressuring up field and speedy attacks. At Swansea he relied on Allen and Britton in midfield to keep the ball moving and Sinclair and Dyer for the pacey attacks. The whole team was drilled well to keep the ball and where to be when they do and don’t have the ball and undoubtedly he will look to do the same at Liverpool. But who are the players that he will utilize to do this.

Liverpool have players coming through the ranks as well as players coming back to the club from success loan spells that could see a stay in the Premiership, with two in particular, so may not need to spend much this summer.

Joe Cole was a success at Lille and played 31 times in the League scoring 4 and helping out with 2 assists but in total made 42 appearances for Lille scoring 9 with 3 assists. Before his move to France, Cole’s form had dipped. But now it seems with a renewed confidence Liverpool and Rodgers could have themselves a new and improved Joe Cole that could command a first team start. Everyone knows that Cole has skill and I could see him playing in the centre midfield in the more advanced role, similar to what Sigurdsson played at Swansea, although that may go to Gerrard and in that case then Cole could partner Lucas in the middle of the field.

The other player coming back from loan in Italian Alberto Aquilani, who had a troubled start with Liverpool as he was signed while injured and never really got a fair chance at the club,.  He has two loan spells away from the club, both in Italy. The first was with Juventus and the second with Milan.

Both Cole and Aquilani could blossom under Rodgers and Liverpool could soon boast a strong midfield with Gerrard, Adam, Cole, Aquilani and Lucas fighting for the three central midfield roles.

One position that Rodgers will need to look at is the wings. Downing on the left last season saw a lot of criticism come his way but Rodgers may look to keep him and see how he goes. While on the right hand side he may need to look for some new players. Theo Walcott has been linked with a move to the club, but I could see him promoting youth players such as Suso and Sterling into the first team. They may be young, but everyone needs to start at sometime, so why not now. I would like to see Rodgers giving them a go as they are both exciting players with different styles but could be what Liverpool need.

Rodgers’ first signing as Liverpool manager has been Fabio Borini who he worked with at both Chelsea and Swansea. Chelsea signed the player from Bologna in 2007, where he begun his work with Rodgers while he was a youth coach at Chelsea and in 2011 Borini went on loan to Swansea to work with Rodgers again. He had a successful time at Swansea but when his loan finished he moved left Chelsea and moved back to Italy. I haven’t seen much of the player, so can not honestly say what he will be like. But if Rodgers has that much faith in him, then I can only imagine he knows how he will fit into what he wants for his Liverpool side. 

It seems Carroll is going to be leaving the club; like the saying goes, there isn’t smoke without fire, so we could well see the big target man leaving Merseyside. Carroll has been included in the squad for Liverpool’s American tour, so who knows, if he performs well, Rodgers may see keep him.If not though and they do get the £15-20 million they want for him, with Rodgers in charge, that money would be money well spent. 


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2 thoughts on “Keep a hold of this one!

  1. Good article. I totally agree about Brendan Rodgers’ name “just fitting” so to speak. I’ve been very impressed with pretty much everything he has to say and, perhaps more importantly, the way he has gone about saying it.

    I disagree about the fans giving Brendan Rodgers time. Of course there’ll be plenty of whoppers that call for BR’s head as soon as we concede a goal but on the whole, LFC fans can quite rightly claim to be very accommodating of managers in my opinion.
    I accept that Roy Hodgson wasn’t supported quite as much as he could have been but come on, he was only ever hired to make it easier to sell the club and because he was cheap.
    The latter incidentally is the exact same reason he’s now England manager.
    Generally though, Liverpool fans are supportive to the very end (something that can be to our detriment).
    I’ve heard numerous Liverpool fans (the real ones, not the post 2005 fans) say that they’d gladly accept 2-3 years of no CL football and no trophies, if the club takes big strides forward in the long term.

    I also disagree about Joe Cole. I really want him to be a success but I just get the feeling that unless he has matured, he’ll still be the same Joe Cole that Jose Mourinho slated for having no defensive responsibility and for not playing as part of the team (search Google for “mourinho joe cole two faces”).
    He’s clearly well capable and maybe he has matured but at £100k per week, it’s a hell of a risk.

    I think the number 1 priority for Brendan Rodgers has to be to try and get those stars that massively under performed last season, to improve. An improvement from last year’s playing at 50% capacity (from the likes of Downing, Adam, Henderson etc) to 85% would give us an extra 15 points no problem. Add to that, a few quality players like Henderson & Aquilani playing in their proper places, with confidence and suddenly everything could look a bit better.
    Ok I accept, it’s not gonna get us number 19, or even guarantee a top 4 finish but it’d put us up there amongst the teams fighting for 4th place.
    I hate to say that “fighting for 4th place” is anywhere near acceptable as clearly, for a team like Liverpool, it’s nowhere near good enough, but for now, it’ll have to do.

    • fair points there. The Liverpool fans I know are a mix of long term and newer fans and Ia do see the difference.

      Arsenal are a club that is now a top 4 club, and soon so could Man Utd.

      I can see Liverpool being a success with Rodgers, I just hope he gets a good start.

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