Over the past 10 years Manchester United has spent and millions of pounds, but has that all been well spent?

There have been some astute signing by United and Sir Alex Ferguson, namely Cristiano Ronaldo, Edwin Van der Sar and Nemanja Vidic. They turned out to be his best signings, Value for money wise, as they helped make United Champions of England and Europe.

The price United paid for those three players works out to being around £21m, and when you think that they paid £30m for Berbatov or around £19m for De Gea, Young, Jones, Anderson and Hargreaves Each you can see why I feel that United have done some bad business down the years.

The amount of money that is the world of football is staggering. To think that Ibrahimovic is earning a day what many will earn in a year is ridiculous. The same way that a club would pay £30m for a player 10 years is.

Going into the transfer market is always a gamble. No matter how much you scout a player, you won’t know for certain how he will fit into the team until the money is spent and the he is playing in the team. Newcastle have a great scouting network at the moment. Arsenal had a great one, and theirs is still good. United had a good one, but it seem that there are far too many hit and misses and more misses that hits.

Djemba-Djemba, Kleberson, David Bellion and Alan Smith are some real stinkers oh and let’s not forget Bebe the £7m flop.

And I am not saying that Hargreaves, Young, Jones, Smalling and Anderson are not good players, but the amount that they were transferred for just are not justifiable. United are not the only club that I can say this about. Liverpool and Chelsea have made some very dubious transfers. Some may work, but that is a lot of money to gamble with.

More troubling for United is the great signings they have made of Giuseppe Rossi and Gerald Pique only to let them slip through their fingers.

Overall the amount of money they have spent over the years just doesn’t equate to value for money. Yes United have won trophies with these players, I am not saying that they were not good players to sign, but I question the amount that they have spent.

The signings of Kagawa and Powell could be great. Kagawa I feel will do well in the Premiership as he is coming from a strong Bundesliga but Powell has not been tested at the highest level and for the money this could be another waste of money, but time will tell with that.

This was prompted by the news that United have had their most recent bid of just under £30m rejected by Sao Paulo for Lucas Moura. Now I can’t say that he isn’t worth that amount of money as I haven’t seen him play at all. Now I am sure United will have scouted him, but is a 19yr old from Brazil really worth that much money? I can’t believe there is one. 

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