Football fans may feel that with a takeover from a mega rich businessman or family that this will equate to success.

Well you would be wrong. There is not always a fairytale ending with a happy ever after. Sometimes there is crippling debt, broken promises and most unfortunately the broken hearts of long standing, long loving fans.

Just look at the situation that Malaga CF are in right now. Unpaid wages, rumours of unpaid debts and now seemingly needing to sell off some of their prized assets. It seems they may now have settled with the four players that had said that up to 40% of their wages had gone unpaid, but why should a club who is owned by a man with the wealth of a few Billion be in a situation where players are reporting them for unpaid wages. Why are they in a situation where clubs have come forward and said that they have still an outstanding debt to be cleared regarding transfers?

No smoke without fire.

It seems all rather peculiar that this situation should have arisen. Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Abdullah Al Ahmed Al Thani has money, but seems to not want to invest too much of his own money into the club. Maybe he thought there was easy money to be made, and has now realised different. Maybe not, but what ever the reason, it is fair to say that it has left Malaga in a tricky situation. A situation I hope Forest don’t find themselves in later down the line.

Honestly from the outset I was sceptical, but that is in my nature. The fact that I have been able to find limited information about the Al-Hasawi family from Kuwait involved in the takeover at  Forest didn’t ease my worries one bit, and now that the club have hired Sean O’Driscoll, well that makes me even more uneasy. No disrespect to O’Drsicoll, but there are more experienced managers out there and even he must see this as a gamble.

Lets be honest this has come nothing other than a huge surprise. This will be O’Driscoll’s biggest challenge to date as a manager, and when you think that other managers were interviewed for the job, I wonder just what went on in his interview that made him stand out above the rest.

Fawaz Al Hasawi said: “We interviewed many well-known and high profile figures but we truly believe Sean O’Driscoll is the best man for the job.

“Sean’s passion for Nottingham Forest, knowledge of the game and the Championship in particular, plus his work ethic, shone through in our conversations.

“He is hugely respected, not only by members of our current squad and staff at the Club for his work in helping transform our fortunes last season, but also within the wider football community.”

My Worries

How much money is going to be invested in the club? How big a transfer budget are Forest going to be working with and what are the wages going to be like? What are their long term goals and their time scale? I worry that is not managed correctly things could go from bad to worse for Forest and that if the new owners feel that they are not going to get an investment back they may cut their loses and go. Which would be great for them, but would leave Forest with a mountain of debt and then points deductions and who knows what else. Was getting ride of Cotterill the right decision? was not hiting Ferguson, McCarthy or Hoddle a mistake? McCarthy most probably!

Things may have worked out for Chelsea and Manchester City and look like they will work out for PSG, but what about Notts County and Portsmouth and even Liverpool. For every success there is a failure, what does the future hold for Forest? I hope Premiership status in the next few years and not the unthinkable.

Forest have such a history in football, not just domestically, nut across Europe. It would be great to see Forest restored to some of their former glory. But restorations are expensive ventures, and I just hope they stay in for the long haul.

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