Lille and Troyes have agreed the transfer of the young defender, Djibril Sidibé, meaning that the coveted Mathieu Debuchy could well be on his way out.

It is no secret that Debuchy wants to move on having said “I am committed 100 per cent to the fact I want to leave Lille, I want to discover another championship” and it seems he wants to team up with his close friend, Yohan Cabaye, at Newcastle. “That is my priority” he said in last weeks L’Equipe when he was asked about a move to Newcastle, but he did also mention that another club was looking to sign him stating “Inter also enquired about me.”

Lille manager, Rudi Garcia, has publicly said if he can’t find a replacement then Debuchy will stay at the club. So the signing of  Djibril Sidibé may well be Lille getting a player in before they let one go, but the fact he is going to be turning only 20 in a few days, means this could be a signing of the future and not a replacement for Debuchy straight away.

It does seem curious though that they would be signing a player for a position that a players who wants to leaves plays in. Football coincidence? We will wait and see. 


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