So after buying Hazard for £32 million Chelsea have kept up the spending but splashing out £25 million on the young Brazilian Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Junior, or just Oscar for short.

He started his career at Sao Paulo but after a dispute over his wages he moved to Internacional where he really started to come into his on.  But the fact remains that he only became a first team regular for Internacional last season and in his Internacional career has only started 49 games.

I do not doubt that he has ability, but he still learning and growing as a player, for Chelsea to have paid £25 million for him, in my eyes, is crazy. Who knows this time next year I could be eating my hat having to say what a bargain he was, but that is a risk.

With FFP coming into full effect soon, it seems silly to frivolously throw money around on players that are not proven in the League and more so in Europe. They spent big on David Luiz, and I like him as a player, but he was never worth that transfer fee.

Sometimes it’s not about how much you spend, but how much you get for your money. At 20 how easily is he going to find it to adapt and play games against some of the more rough and tumble teams in the League, although he may do well in the Champions League.

Whenever the next big thing from Brazil comes along you never know if he is going to be the next Ronaldinho or the next Denilson, not of Arsenal but rather the one Real Betis signed for a then world record £21m in 1998. Some may not know who he is know, but some will remember the excitement and then disappointment that became his career. And that is my point.

Well I will be watching the Olympic football tournament and will be paying a closer eye on him, as I am sure everyone will be now. 


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