With Demba Ba’s buy-out clause known to everyone, I find it hard to believe that not one club went in for him.

For only £7 million, Demba Ba would have been a great signing for any club, so why Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool and even European clubs such as Juventus and AC Milan were not willing to take a risk is beyond me.

Now some may question why I say “take a risk”, so let me just say the transfer of any player is a risk. A lot was made of his injury problems when he signed for West Ham instead of Stoke City, something I bet they now regret, but it has been a year and a half now and he has been injury free – And scoring goals!

Ba may not have left Newcastle if a bid had been made for him, as he has stated more than once  how happy he is at Newcastle, but the fact that clubs haven’t activated the £7 million buy-out clause boggles me. A quality striker is always in demand, but one like Ba has all the qualities you want from a striker that is going to be the lone striker. So what have clubs missed out on? 

  • Scores free kicks
  • Has a venomous shot
  • Will work hard for the team
  • Has a venomous shot 
  • Is a beast in the air

If Chelsea don’t sign a striker then they will be heavily relying on Fernando Torres, with Sturridge and Lukaku the only other strikers at the club. Torres is a good striker but since his move to Chelsea he has had a torrid time in front of goal. Chelsea will be hoping that with the signings of Oscar and Hazard, along with Juan Mata, they will be able to provide Torres with the chances to start scoring more goals in the blue of Chelsea. I understand why Chelsea didn’t try and sign Demba Ba. For the money they would be getting a striker that may have had a little goal drought himself, but has scored more in calendar year than Torres and would fit into Chelsea’s style of play seamlessly.

Tottenham have been in the hunt for a striker all summer long with Adebayor seeming to be their main target. But with Adebayor apparently trying to get more money out of Manchester City, this transfer looks to rumble on. I can’t help but think in contrast that if Tottenham had offered the £7 million they would have signed Ba with a lot less fuss and probably with Ba signing a contract for far less than what Adebayor will be demanding. For the money they would have signed a striker that can play the same role as Adebayor but with a much better attitude with the same desire to score goals. In Tottenham and AVB’s style of play, Ba would have definitely scored goals. With the delivery from Bale and Lennon and the creative play from Van der Vaart, I think it is fair to say that Ba would have been able to end up with 20 plus goals by the end of the season. 

I am also a little surprised that neither Juventus or AC Milan have tried to sign the Senegalese striker. AC Milan have just sold Ibrahimovic and Juventus are in the hunt for a striker as well. Maybe they didn’t know about the buy out clause, but that would seem highly unlikely. The rumour mill has it that Juve are looking to sign van Persie, but with Arsenal reluctant to sell for less than £20 million. Ba, for nearly a third of that, would have been a great buy for them and would be handful for all Serie A defenders.

While other clubs have missed out, Newcastle will be happy that this deadline has passed and they can now carry on without this hanging over their heads. Newcastle fans will be even happier as they will be keeping not only a great striker but a real fan favourite


Agree or disagree? Have your say!

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