The Dane had stated last season that he wanted to leave Arsenal, and they did their best to sell him, but in the end he only managed to be loaned out to Sunderland.

Last season Nicklas Bendtner had said how he wanted out of Arsenal, but unlike Nasri, Fabregas and Clichy most recently, Arsenal fans were in agreement with him. The Danish international possess some great skills, but his attitude doesn’t match it. Too often Arsenal fans have been left frustrated at his inconsistent performances where he can do something great and follow it up by doing something amateurish.

The problem with Bendtner is that he believes he is better than he is. Or that he is deserving in some way. On the Sky Sports website there are quotes from the player he says that he has had offers but they do not match what he is wanting. “I have three demands and I won’t sign a deal with a club who aren’t prepared to fill those demands.” Now reading that all I can think is where does he get off? If he is wanting guaranteed first team football then he needs to look at joining a club either in the Championship or one that is not looking to challenge in Europe, but from how much he rates himself I don’t think he will want to join a club that is going to be in a relegation battle or finishing in mid-table.

It seems that West Ham and QPR have been linked with every available striker, but I haven’t heard Bendtner’s name in the mix which should start alarm bells ringing for Arsenal fans. Last season Arsène Wenger did his best to sell him, but no clubs seemed willing to match Arsenal’s valuation and in the end he ended up on loan at Sunderland while Steve Bruce was still manager. It is no secret of the relationship that Steve Bruce and Arsène Wenger have. Over the years Wenger has loaned, sold and even suggested players for the clubs Bruce has been in charge of, so when Bendtner went to Sunderland I was not surprised, if anything I imagined that it went something like this. Wenger phoned up Bruce and said you couldn’t help us out here and take this guy on loan again could ya to which Bruce said okay, I do owe you one after all.

At the moment Bruce is in charge at Hull, so a loan seems to be out of the question this time. A move abroad may be better, as his style would be more suited to Italy or Spain where you are given more time on the ball, but ultimately in the end, it seems that the major stumbling block for Bendtner’s transfer away from Arsenal is the Dane’s mentality, which seems to be a stumbling block to his footballing career also. 


2 thoughts on “Where next for Nicklas Bendtner?

  1. This guy is such a chief!
    I almost hate myself for talking him up and giving him lots of hype saying “he’s going to be the next prolific Arsenal striker” I’m ashamed.

    It also has to be said that I did e same thing when Dzeko signed for City. They have just made me feel embarrasses. Enough said.

    Bendtner drives me insane though because in the space of about 3minites of a game he will go from brilliant to ridiculously average for a dv1side.

    I know this goes against everything Monsiour Wenger believes in regarding investment for money, but like cancer on your big toe, cut it loose and let it go!!
    I really dont rate highly Chamackh, the guy is shockingly bad. He might have been a great player for wherever it was he came in from in France, but how many chances is he going to let go begging. He has the same look in his face after he misses a chance on goal that he should’ve scored as I did when I just got beaten up by bullies at my school.
    Don’t cry, get over yourself. Get back up, chin up and show them what you’re made of.
    ………Jesus, got a bit carried away there

    • Yeah just a little bit : ) but I see your point. Chamakh needs to move on, as does AA but so does RvP. watching that friendly against Koln and my God he showed how much he doesnt want to be at AFC anymore.

      As for Dzeko, he is a good striker, just not what MCFC need. Would suit MUFC or even the old style CFC but I think AC Milan would be great for him

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