If M’Baye Niang joins Everton then not only would it be a good piece of business for Everton but also a good move for the young French starlet.

The 17-year-old French man had a trail at Arsenal last month and has been on the radar of Arsène for some time. His talents are what Wenger likes. He is fast strong, likes to cut in from wide and has an eye for goal.

After his trail, Arsenal had a bid rejected and then it seems that the like of Manchester City started to sniff around. Around this time AC Milan were also looking at the player, with a loan move being reportedly offered.

When Manchester City were rumoured to be interested in him, I couldn’t help but feel that if he chose to go to City over Arsenal that it would be a poor choice for his own personal progression as a footballer. As although City have produced players in the past, in recent time since the money has been splashed about, that has started to slow, where as Arsenal are forever producing footballers. But if Everton do sign him then at least he will have a great chance to progress.

At such a young age it is always hard to know if they are going to become the stars that everyone hopes they will. For every house hold name we now know there are hundreds that only a few die hard supporters will know and will say, Oh him I remember when he was going to be the next…

At the right club and coupled with the right mentality Niang could be one of those household names. It all depends on where he goes, how he handles himself, if he can stay injury free and most importantly if he has luck on his side.


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