Newcastle United fans rejoice at the return of St. James’ Park.

It seems that Newcastle fans have got what they wanted, but at what cost? The name change has come about due to a new four year deal with money lending company Wonga. Started in 2007 Wonga really shot into fame a few years back off the tailcoats of a cash my Something advert with a guy saying Wonga! Although everything about the company seems gimicy they have won countless awards so maybe they should be taken a little more seriously.

Wonga will now be Newcastle’s lead commercial sponsor and from the start of next season the shrit will be evidence to that. Along with sponsoring the club Wonga will also invest the average person’s well earned money into Newcastle’s young program by “providing significant financial support for the Academy” on the Newcastle website they say The investment will enable the Club to transform its Academy into one of the leading centres of youth football development in the country, enabling us to nurture the top playing stars of the future”.

This is good news for any club but Newcastle already have a host of good young talent coming through so the future looks to be a promising one. And they are sentiments that Derek Llambias, Managing Director of Newcastle United, seem to share by saying “We are building a club that can regularly compete for top honours at the highest level.

“As everyone knows, a strong commercial programme is vital to this goal and I am delighted to welcome Wonga into the fold as our lead commercial partner, alongside Puma and Sports Direct.

Throughout our discussions Wonga’s desire to help us invest in our young playing talent, the local community and new fan initiatives really impressed us and stood them apart from other candidates.”

I myself, like many football fans will be happy to see St. James’ Park rather than Spores Direct Are.na, but it will be the Newcastle fans that will be the happiest. Although I am sure they are not happy about their club being in partnership with Wonga!


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