Roberto Di Matteo has always carried himself well, and when faced with adversity has always dealt with it with dignity. The way Chelsea, and lets be honest, Abramovich, has treated him is disgraceful, but in no way surprising.

I wrote why they shouldn’t give Di Matteo the job when AVB was sacked, but they did, and they went onto win the Champions League. The most coveted trophy in European club football. Chelsea and Di Matteo may not have had the best run in the UCL this season, but are doing well in the Premiership, and you would have though stability would keep that going.

Abramovich, obviously with his wealth of knowledge, knew better and so discarded Di Matteo and appointed ex Liverpool manager, who is not looking kindly upon by Chelsea fans, Rafa Benitez as interim manager until the end of the season. After be treated so poorly by a club he hold close to his heart, he could have lashed out and been less than dignified, but that isn’t the kind of person Di Matteo is.

Instead he talked of the love he has for the club as well as thanking the staff, players and the fans. It is a shame that Abramovich doesn’t have just a slice of the kind of integrity that Di Matteo does, as if he did, maybe Chelsea would be even more of a success than they currently are. So here is the statement that was released, enjoy.

“It was an honour for me to be appointed manager of a club that I loved playing for and one that is so close to my heart. I am extremely proud of the successes and trophies that we were able to bring to the club in recent months.

“Lifting Chelsea’s first Champions League trophy, in Munich, was the best achievement in club history and without doubt the highlight of my career to date, both as a player and manager. It is a memory I will treasure for the rest of my life.

“I have a deep and unreserved passion for Chelsea Football Club and I would like to sincerely thank all of the staff, my players and of course the Chelsea fans, for their tremendous and unconditioned support in the intense time I have been the manager at the Bridge. I wish all of them every success for the rest of the season and beyond.”


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