So with the now storm in a tea cup of Liam Ridgewell wiping his arse with £20 notes, it is again another story of how “vile” footballers are.

Now don’t think I am condoning what he is doing in that photo. But in the context of it, I am sure he was not doing it to be published and for his well earned money to be flaunted in the faces of the ordinary working man.

Ridgewell came out and apologized for the photo telling The Sun: “The photo was taken in the privacy of my home around eight months ago as a joke to wind up a mate, who I had just won a personal bet with”.

“I only intended him to see the photo but now it’s public, I can understand how it will be viewed. I am sorry for any offence it causes.”

Okay, it’s not a huge apology begging for forgiveness, but it is an acknowledgement to something that should have never got out. Now as for the person that sent in the photo, I am sure he did it as he was disgusted by it, and if he was offered any money refused it as he was doing a public duty?

I am sure the picture have disappointed his family, especially his parents, so let’s not forget that he is a human being, not his actions should not be cast on all footballers.

It is all too easy in today’s society to pigeon hole people. You may have dodgy builders, but that doesn’t make all builders dodgy. You may have crooked bankers, it doesn’t mean all bankers are crooked. I think you get my drift.

But as the anonymous tipster said “We’ve always thought footballers were arrogant, overpaid buffoons and this just proves it.”

When something like this happens and it is publicized it is done knowing it will sell papers. They don’t care what effect it will have on society, or the individual. It can be masked as news, but it isn’t really news worthy.

I am pretty sure he is not the first person to do that. And he won’t be the last. Should he be lambasted for it? Well now he does yes. The money that is earned in football is ridiculous. But they are given that money and can do what they like with it. I don’t know how much money he gives, if he does, to charity. And neither do you.

Are any footballers positive actions published in the same way as the negative? No. so we, the general public, never get to hear that, so what are our opinions going to be of these footballers that are earning tons of cash.

They are depressed gamblers, womanizers and racists that can’t string a sentence with out the words erm, in every other word.

For every footballer that does something stupid, there are hundreds that living a normal, as normal as they can, life who are not going out of their way to be arseholes. In the end they are just people that have a job and earn a lot of money. They are not role models. They should not be held accountable for their actions in their personal life if it is not a criminal offense.

Look at what the Leveson inquiry has shown. Look at what people write in the papers and how they get it. Should all Journalists now be looked at in such a shady way? Now this is the Sun that broke the story, so…

I have worked with people that have wasted money in a variety of different ways. And they didn’t really have money to burn, but they did anyway.

I hate to say it, but there is an emotion at play when footballers are in the news for their stupid actions, and that emotion is jealousy. Because people act like they don’t go out, get drunk, do stupid things. I know people that have cheated on their girlfriends/wives. I know people that go out on the lash and end the night with a good fight. I know people that have said worse things than John Terry, but they all want to get on their high horse when a footballer does something wrong. Because they earn what they earn.

For what its worth, Ridgewell did a stupid thing. Footballers have done worse things. And there is my problem with this. The job title being a blanket for individual’s actions. Footballers are men and women that are lucky enough to have a job that others have as a hobby.


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