suraez handballLiverpool faced Mansfield in the F.A Cup with a great game being marred by a dubious hardball my the media’s favorite bad boy Luis Suarez.

Now the distance between Suarez and the ball was close and he may not have had enough time to move his hand but it did hit his hand and it looked, to me,  as if he moved his hand, albeit,  instinctively to help the ball in. Whether he did this intentionally  or not, after the fact he would have known about it, and honestly, if it were me I would have put my hands up straight away. Others might not have and that’s a personal thing, and as we all know Suarez is happy to win by any means necessary.

For me this isn’t about Suarez being a cheat or not or whether he did or didn’t mean it. It is about respect. Look at the respect that Mansfield Town paid to Liverpool and all the families that lost loved ones at Hillsborough by having 96 seats left free with their names on them. That was a beautiful thing to do. A club like Mansfield Town could have sold those seats and made some much needed money but they took the decision not to, deciding that paying respect was more important than making money.

It would be nice if Liverpool would have come out and apologized to Mansfield Town for the actions of their player and arranged a friendly next pre-season at Anfield with profits going to Mansfield Town. You know, to show some respect. Something the club used to pride itself on. Instead on their website in the Media watch there is an article from the  Telegraph, which was written by Alan Hansen, so completely non baised, saying Suarez cant be blamed. They did however have this above the story “This story has been reproduced from today’s media. It does not necessarily represent the position of Liverpool Football Club.”

And as for the argument that Suarez did nothing wrong as most others players would have done the same thing in that situation. Well they would have been wrong to do it too. It’s not just because it’s Suarez that it’s wrong. Thierry Henry did it for France against ROI, remember how that was wrong too. And er, Hand of God anyone. It cant be okay when it is a player for a team or country you support does it. In the artcile that Alan Hansen had in the Telegraph he said how players dive to get penalties. And defenders don’t tell the Ref when a player goes down and gets booked for diving that he did in fact foul the player. Well there are slightly different, although I do see his point.

But let us remember Paolo Di Canio. He could have taken advantage of a the ‘keeper being injured but instead he caught the ball, stopping play so he could get attention. The game was 1-1 and could have taken advantage of the situation, but didn’t. He showed respect to him fellow sportsman.  That’s called having integrity. although he has also done some dubious things on a football field too.

There was also Robbie Fowler, who as he went round the on-coming David Seaman, seemed to preempt a challange and went down, but when he felt there was no conatct got up and waved to the refereere saying no ref The referee gave it, but it was still his decision. Suarez could have done that. He didn’t. So I hope Liverpool show some respect to Mansfield.


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