jon walters

Yesterday Stoke City’s John Walters played in his 100th Premier League match, something any footballer would remember, but Walters will want to forget it as soon as possible.

It isn’t as if Chelsea need help scoring goals, but it seems Jon Walters was in a giving mood on Saturday as he didn’t score just one but two own goals to give Chelsea a 2-0 lead. The first was done in spectacular fashion. With a cross whipped in it was Walters who flew through the air to meet it and scored a beautiful diving header past his own ‘keeper. I am sure Stoke City fans and his fellow teammates had wished he did that kind of the for them once and a while. 

walters 1st own goal

The second own goal again came from a header, but this time he knew nothing about it. As he tried to challenge Frank Lampard the ball, which had come in from a corner, hit Walters on the head and it again went in past Begovic. I have to say. If you are jumping to challenge someone, you should probably be watching out for the ball. Especially if you have already scored an own goal earlier in the game. 

walters 2nd own goal

As if that wasn’t bad enough for Walters on his 100th Premiership game things got worse. In the dying minutes of the game John Terry fouled Walters and Stoke where awarded a penalty, which Walters stepped up to take. The game had already seen one penalty which Frank Lampard put away in the Frank Lampard way of hard and down the middle. Walters must have seen that this was some way to make up for his two own goals. Walters went the route of Lampard and hit it hard and down the middle, but unfortunately for Walters it was inches higher than he wanted and it hit the topside of the bar and went over.

This defeat was the first Stoke City have felt at home in a year, bringing their record to a screeching halt   

we here at f00tballmatters feel for you Jon, better luck in the next game. Stoke City’s next game is against Crystal Palace in the FA Cup at home. 


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