With the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea chasing him, the news that he is heading to Germany to take charge at Bayern, has come as somewhat of a surprise. But for me, a welcome one.

Not only is this a good move for Bayern Munich and the Bundesliga but also, in my opinion, a good move for Guardiola. The decision by Guardiola to join Bayern Munich will bring a lot more attention to the Bundesliga, which it deserves.

In recent years the Bundesliga has slowly been growing and growing, and if it continues it could well soon rival the Premier League and La Liga. I wouldn’t be surprised if soon Sky Sports where trying to pick up some of the Bayern Munich and BVB games.

The talent that is coming from the Bundesliga is on the level of that of Spain and similar to what France was producing ten years ago, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that BVB and FC Bayern are doing so well in the Champions League with many German internationals in their sides.

This has not just helped the Bundesliga grow but helped the German national side. The only thing that has hindered the Bundesliga is that it hasn’t generated as much money as the EPL and La Liga, and so cant offer as much money in wages. So it didn’t come as a surprise that players like Mesut Özil and Sami Khedira left for Real Madrid. But in recent years, with the Bundesliga be one of the best run leagues in the world, they have been able to keep their best young talents, such as Mario Götze, Marco Reus, Mats Hummels and Thomas Müller.

Though Özil and Khedira have been successes in Spain there have been exports from the few years that didn’t fair so well. Look at Nuri Sahin’s time at Real Madrid and then short loan at Liverpool. He has now rejoined Borussia Dortmund. Some can argue that he should have never left, for his own personal development. Then there is the transfer of Marko Marin, who is getting a game here or there for Chelsea, but would have been better off staying in the Bundesliga.

Success breeds money                                              

With the success of how well the Bundesliga has been run, money has been available to the clubs, and the clubs have used it well. Bayern have the bigger names, while BVB has amassed a young successful team. So with both teams doing well in the Champions League, don’t be surprised if one of them make it to the Final, players are more likely to take a move to the Bundesliga more seriously. And if they continue to grow, the clubs will have more money to offer more competitive contracts.

With Guardiola at FC Bayern, it won’t be hard to find players that won’t want to work with him. And with the world’s media surrounding him it can only have a good effect for the club and the league.

For me it is also a smart move by Guardiola. By not taking charge of an English club, he has side stepped a lot of media pressure to succeed after his momentous achievements with Barcelona. Bayern look will on course to win the Bundesliga this season, so with Pep coming in next year, and I am sure a signing or two, they will be mounting a strong title charge next season too. Everyone will be expecting a team that is managed by Guardiola and that has the players that Bayern have to reach and win the Champions League next season, but that is unfair. But it isn’t the same kind of expectation as it would have been if he has taken over at Chelsea or Manchester City.

Of course if he does win nearly every trophy for the next three years then he will be a victim of his own success as it will only heap more pressures on him to succeed in his next job after Bayern, something that Jose Mourinho knows all too well with Real Madrid.

Some may see this as a coup for Bayern Munich, but I see it as a very shrewd move by Guardiola. 


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