Karl-Heinz Rummenigge confirms that Pep Guardiola will be FC Bayern Munich managers as of next season.

While many may have found this as a surprise and some may even think it a mistake, I think he has made the right decision. The smart decision. If he had joined either Chelsea or Manchester City, especially Manchester City, the expectation levels would have been through the roof.

The media in English football is one that is so much more unforgiving. It wouldn’t be the same as in Spain where one paper will only say bad about you, while the other only prints good. Here, one day they can praise you as if you can do no wrong and the next slate you as if you know nothing.

If Guardiola took charge of Manchester City they would expect every trophy and beautiful football. And expect it straight away. Guardiola was lucky in some respects to take over Barcelona when he did. He had the opportunity to fail. He picked up from where Rijkaard left off and what he did was tweet and perfected it. I am not saying it was easy, don’t misread me, but I am saying he didn’t start something from nothing. The same can be said for Vilanova at Barcelona at the moment.

What Pep is going to have at Bayern is a young squad full of talented players. Behind the scenes he has a great club, full of history and money to buy players. The formula is there to win trophies and win in style. Of course the expectancy levels are going to be high for the Bayern fans. They reached the Champions League final last year, and have a squad that could do it again this year. If they do, and don’t win it, they will be hoping and expecting to win in the following year with Pep in charge.

Breaking free of his success is going to be a tough ask. I mean, just look at Jose Mourinho and how he is be classed a flop at Real Madrid. In the Spiderman stories there is the line “with great power, comes great responsibility”. Well in football with great success, comes great expectation. It will be interesting to see how Pep gets on in his first season, and how the fans treat him if things aren’t going as planned.

The expectancy that having Guardiola as your manager means you are going to win can back fire. Teams facing you are going to be more up for the game, while fans will be even more critical of the team’s performances.

Could you imagine if he had taken a job in England and lost to Stoke, what Chelsea or City fans would be saying.

The smart decision

If what his agent has said then it is refreshing to hear that he has decided to take a job on merit and not for the money. I am sure Bayern have offered him and he has accepted a nice salary. But if he was in it for the money, I am pretty sure Roman Abramovich, who was desperate to lure him to Stamford Bridge, would have doubled any offer he was given.

Josep Maria Orobitg, Guardiola’s agent, told EFE Radio that the deal was signed before Christmas and that he chose Bayern quote “because of all the teams from which he had offers it was the best.” Adding “we were looking over the offers and this isn’t the team which offered the most money. It was chosen for the organisation there, for the potential that he sees, and for their players.”

He also said how that the announcement made by the German club came as somewhat as a surprise to him, as he was only given a few hours notice. “From Christmas he had to choose his future. All this has been signed for some time. I didn’t know that they were going to announce it this afternoon. In fact they informed me at 12 that it was coming out in a statement.”

The summer transfer window is going to be an interesting one, as everyone from Barcelona, even Messi, will be linked to Bayern now, who knows, he may add some of the FCB youngsters with the FC Bayern and make a hybrid of the two future generations. Now that was be scary!


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