Galatasaray pull of possibly the coup of the transfer window and sign Wesley Sneijder

When interest form Galatasaray about signing Inter Milan’s Wesley Sneijder was first broke, it seemed that the general consensus was that it was plucky of them to try, but Sneijder would eventually end up somewhere else in Europe. Somewhere like Manchester United or Liverpool. No one really expected a move to Turkey to happen. I didnt  see it happening. I could have seen him heading to Russia, link, or France, but not Turkey. 

Even Sneijder didn’t seem keen on a move to Galatasaray, holding out for a bigger club to come and sign him. It will be interesting to know what his wages are in the end, and see if maybe a Premiership club has missed out on a quality player. I am very surprised that Tottenham didn’t go in for him. the fact they didn’t makes me thing that his wages where astronomical. but that begs the question. How are Galatasaray going to afford it. 

On the Galatasaray website they broke the news that an agreement between Inter and Sneijder had been reached with Galatasaray and that a public statement will be made when a medical is finalized. 

While this is an amazing coup for the Turkish club, it doesn’t seem that it was a move that Sneijder himself really wanted. This morning Internazionale President, Massimo Moratti, met with Wesley Seijder to have a talk, Moratti had this to say of that meeting – “I met Sneijder. I wanted to have a chat with him, I thought we needed to. Have we made peace? I don’t think there was ever a war in the first place, and certainly not with me personally. Did we chat to see if we were all moving in the same direction? Which one? It’s a surprise… Is he close to a move to Galatasaray? Yes, I think so.”

While that sounds like Sneijder wanted the move, this is what the Dutchman had to say on their meeting. “I spoke a lot with president Moratti because we have a good relationship, we had a good talk, nothing more than that. He said that it’s looking like I’ll be off to Galatasaray but there’s still a slim chance I could stay? What the president said is exactly right. The Inter fans expect me to stay? Inter fans are the best around, I’ve won everything here and I’m happy here. Now I don’t know whether I’ll be saying, ‘I am happy here’ or ‘I was happy here’. One of two things could happen, we’ll see.”

Was there not a more perfect time to say your goodbyes and thank the fans than then. Why chose to be noncommittal  is it because you want to stay deep down.

good luck to him at Galatasaray, and good luck to Galatasaray themselves. I hope they can get the best out of him and get their moneys worth, and hopefully this doesn’t turn out to be a disaster.



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