odemwingie in car

Peter Odemwingie this season has been in a lot of controversy. There was the issue with the Nigerian Federation when he wasn’t picked for the AFCON and voiced his views against the Nigerian coach Stephen Keshi via his Twitter account. 

Then there were his Tweets regarding his current club West Brom and how he wanted to leave and then during the Transfer Deadline day, he then drove to West London, without the clubs permission and spoke to QPR and even spoke to Sky Sports about a move. He had said goodbye to the players at West Brom before he made his way to QPR to try and finalize a move, but with no bid officially accepted it has left the player in limbo.

The fact that he decided to drive down without knowing whether a transfer had been officially signed off and without having had the permission of his club, it really puts in question his state of mind at the moment. It is very erratic behaviour and, I’m afraid to say it but very immature. At 31 he should know how to handle himself and how to act in these situations.

He talked about Stephen Keshi not having respect in the way he left him out of the AFCON squad, but then goes and acts like this. Where is the respect to his club and the fans of the club. No matter what you Tweet nowadays the saying actions speak louder than words is truer than ever.

In saying all of that I feel for Odemwingie though. What he is going to have to live with for the rest of the season is unthinkable. His life is going to be increasingly difficult. How is he going to be able to show his face? Times like these are when I can feel for someone on a personal level.

What he must be feeling. How the people around him are going to act with him. How the club are going to be with him. The fans are not going to make it easy for him.

People of the internet are already having a field day with this. The reworking of Call me maybe is my personal favorite 

New song by Odemwingie “Sign Me Maybe”…”Hey, I just drove here. And this is crazy. I’m in your car park. So sign me maybe””

I don’t know if he made that up ot stole it, but that is who I saw it from. I am sure there are going to be a pletora of jokes about Odemwingie, I could imagine a name change to Odemwhiney for example. We shall see. 

I can tell you that I do not envy him. I would not want to be earning the money he is earning and have to walk into the dressing room tomorrow with my head down and looking a little sheepish and deal with the fallout.

Here at F00tballmatters we wish him all the best of luck. He’s going to need it.


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