daniel levy

With the January transfer window now closed we are better able to reflect upon it, and one thing that has stood out for me is the lack of transfer activity at Tottenham Hotspur.

With conflicting reports you have people that will state that Daniel Levy has come out and said there is money to spend, all AVB needs to do is give him a name, and that seemed to be backed up with AVB saying they don’t need to sign anyone. But if you study football and read between the lines. No manager is really going to come out and disagree with the chairman. Unless you are Sir Alex Ferguson or maybe Jose Mourinho. 

The Mail had reported that the Tottenham boss would have a £20m transfer kitty to spend in the Transfer Window, but with Lewis Holtby and Ezekiel Fryers coming in for a few million, where was the rest?

Actions speak louder than words and If AVB felt that his squad didn’t need strengthen up-front why did Tottenham try and sign Brazilian striker Leandro Damião. He wouldn’t have been an AVB signing as much, as Tottenham have been trying to sign him for what seems like an eternity.  So why didn’t the transfer happen? Simply Internacional weren’t not happy with the bid Levy put in. They wanted nearer £20m while Levy was happy to part with around £13m.

And there we go. It doesn’t matter what Levy says. His actions speak volumes. He can come out and say he will spend the money, but when Tottenham are light on strikers and the signing of Damião would greatly boost their chances of finishing in the top four, when he doesn’t you have to start questioning what is being said. 

It is unfair for AVB to get the blame, when in the end it is down to Levy as to who Tottenham buy or don’t buy. Levy has been bitten in the transfer market before. One bitten, twice shy. I get that. But the fans need to udnerstand that AVB  needs to work with what he has got, and not always believe the lines they are fed. 

Whether you are a Tottenham fan or a Arsenal, Liverpool, United or any supporter of a club. You have to be able to know and understand the people in charge and learn to read between the lines and sometimes learn to read between the lines of what hasn’t even been said.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the way Levy is running Tottenham is the right way. Clubs shouldn’t be held to ransom and shouldn’t be paying out huge wages for players that aren’t contributing enough for the club to get into that top four where the money is to pay for it all. We have seen what has happened to Leeds and Portsmouth. The gamble sometimes doesn’t pay off.

But I think it is unfair that levy is, in someways, leaving AVB to be the face the music by himself.


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