Di Canio

It is still settling in that Paolo Di Canio is going to be managing a Premiership club after taking charge of Sunderland. The meteoric rise of the outspoken Italian has, in some ways, surprised me as I though that one day he could manage a team in the Premiership, but I didn’t see it happening this soon.

I see the potential in him to be a good manager, but he is a still learning his trade and honestly he probably would have been better of taking charge of a club in the Championship and working his way up in the way that Gus Poyet is.

There is something about is directness that draws me to him. When someone asks him a question, he gives you the answer. And it isn’t always going to be sugar coated or diplomatic, which makes for an interesting few months. He reminds me of Mourinho for his outspokenness. But, unlike Jose Mourinho, I don’t think he is playing the kind of mental chess games that the Special one is.

No doubt he will be entertaining on the touch line, maybe more entertaining than the team he is managing, and there will never be a dull moment with him,

In the interview on the Sunderland website though he does over exaggerate a little. No offence to any Sunderland fans, but when he says “It’s a fantastic opportunity for me, for my staff to have chance to work for one of the biggest club in England not only in England but in Europe” as well as “It’s exciting thinking that I am going to be working for a club that has one of the most exciting fans, passion fan in Europe probably in the World”

With only seven games left, it is going to be a challenge for Di Canio, who has a two and-a-half year contract with the club, to keep them up. Sunderland’s next two games are away. The first is away to Chelsea with the second away at their biggest rivals Newcastle. They then face a tough fixture of Everton at home before again going away, this time to face other relegation candidates Aston Villa in what will be a must win game. The last three games of the season see them at home to Stoke and then Southampton, the final game away to Tottenham.

As it stands Sunderland are 16th place on 31 point. But with Wigan a game in hand they could drop to 17th place. Leaving them one point above Aston Villa. The Tyne-Wear derby is going to be on of the most crucial as it isn’t just pride that will be at stake but more importantly, points. From 18 to 11 clubs could still be in danger. Reading and QPR being seven points adrift looks like they will be heading back to the Championship. But I am saying nothing for certain just yet!

The appointment of Di Canio has made Sunderland more interesting, which may be good for the club, but I don’t think the fans are going to really appreciate it. Of course if the results come and they stay up they will be happy. Will he last the two and-a-half-year contract? I don’t think so. But I am looking forward to his run in’s with the likes of Mancini, Wenger, Allardyce and Sir Alex Ferguson if he does keep them in the Prem.



4 thoughts on “Di Canio Sunderland’s new manager

  1. I get worried about us rienlyg on under-21 players all the time. I don’t think its good for their development to suddenly find themselves responsible for winning the PL and the CL. At the moment, our young talented players have struggled to develop or have left, or both.Considering players like Eboue, Senderos got us to the final of the CL (an event we must all be pinching ourselves over now) but then gradually became out of favour as their performances degraded (the way Walcott has). That kind of top level examination for a young player, week after week, may not be the best thing for them.Even Szczesny, who seems to have been born with some kind of re-enforced steel mind, has started to show cracks. He could do with an old hand’ keeper in the background to keep him on a level and guide him through to becoming world class, like all our young players.The Ox had a couple of great games. But the guy is 18. Luckily he has an ex-footballer as a dad. How much steadier would his development be if wasn’t suddenly seen as the saviour of Arsenal FC? It’s going to fuck him up.That’s why Wenger was/is right not to play him too much. Problem is we don’t have a Pires or a Henry at the club for him to aspire to and listen to (RvP doesn’t have the standing of those players liek Vieira etc). 1 0

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