Arsenal’s Polish ‘keepr, Wojciech Szczesny, may have come under cricizism from his own fans, but with recent performances, and that save to keep Loic Remy out at QPR, and these recent commments , he will have adored himself to the fans a little bit more. 

In a interview on the Arsenal Player Szczesny said “If we win our next two games it will be enough because either Chelsea or Spurs will drop points because they play each other.

“If you look at Chelsea’s fixtures, they have Tottenham and Everton left and they won’t be easy games. And Tottenham do not have enough quality, so there you go…

before adding 

“I would settle for another two 1-0 wins in the rest of the season and a place in the top three.

“Even if we have games like the QPR one, it might have been boring at times, but we couldn’t care less at this time. We just got the three points.

“Hopefully it will be back to the old days and hopefully we will get back to winning trophies as well.”

Arsenal fans will be hoping the same, but when foreign players loyalties have been questioned in the past, it is always nice to see players live up to the rivalry between clubs.


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