So with David Moyes finally taking charge at United, in what seems the worst kept secret in football, leaving the hot seat at Goodison Park vacant.

Everton fans will be hoping for a manager that has some of the same qualities as David Moyes. They must have strong character, been a good motivator as well as being tactically savvy. Unfortunately you can’t say that these qualities are something everyone possesses so finding a replacement won’t be easy.

With the funds Everton have had at their disposal, Moyes has done a great job in keeping his players and when someone has gone, replacing them well.

So who are the possible candidates that could be vying for the throne?

Gus Poyet


The former Tottenham and Chelsea star has done a great job at Brighton and Hove and if they don’t manage to reach the Premiership he may feel that the time is right to move on and not fight another season with Brighton to reach the pinnacle of English football.

Brighton have played good attacking football. They have done well in the Cups, and were close to following Southampton with back to back promotions. This season they came close again, but will have to go through the riggers of the Play-Offs if they are going to reach the Premier League.

The straight talking Uruguayan has been praised for his achievements with Brighton. A step up to the Premiership is always going to be testing, for any manager. Could he do it? Probably. Would it be a risk to hire him? Yes. But so was hiring David Moyes from PNE and look how that worked out.

Roberto Martinez


When the position for Liverpool manager came up it seemed to be coming down to Brendan Rodgers and Roberto Martinez. Both are young managers with a good idea of how they want football to be played, and have the following of their players. If Wigan do get relegated this season, and it looks like they are most likely to, the finger won’t be pointed at the manager, which is something that rarely happens in football. The success of fighting off relegation the past few seasons has gone to Martinez. But the question of why do they keep finding themselves down there is starting to become a serious question.

People admire the way Martinez has his team playing football. They play from the back, attack from the wings. But they leak in goals. Is that because of a lack of talent at the back or because of a lack of tactical management?    

In the end, Martinez, like Moyes, hasn’t had a lot of money to spend. What he has spent he has spent well, and if he goes to Everton, A few of his better buys and players could follow suit.

Steve Clarke


Steve Clarke has only been a manager for one season, but what a season he has had with West Brom. At the beginning of the season they were flying high, but as the season has gone on they have settled into mid table. His objectives at the beginning of the season would have been for much of the same as the season before where they finished 10th and with this season looking like they could be finishing 8th he has done just that. WBA have played well this season under him with loanee, Lukaku, being the star player.

Would a move for Clarke after one season be wise? I don’t think so. Not for the manager or Everton. Clarke is starting something with WBA and I think he would be more interested in finishing it than moving on, though Everton is a good club and he could be lured away.  

The out of work managers

Roberto Di Matteo


Di Matteo was unceremoniously fired by Chelsea after a bad start to the season. Winning the Champions League only gets you so much time at Chelsea it seems, and that isn’t long at all. In all fairness, I was surprised when they appointed him as I didn’t they he was ready for the job. But I didn’t agree with how they tossed him to the side the way they did. RDM did well at West Brom, who also treated him unfairly, and after AVB had unsettled the Chelsea players did a great job in unifying the squad and lead them to their first ever Champions League trophy. The only thing that goes against RDM is that he seems to be too nice a person. I couldn’t imagine him giving his team a rollicking if they were losing at half time. Moyes I could!

That for me is the only issue. Would he have the mental attributes needed to do the job? Tactically and football philosophy wise as well as motivational skills he is fine, but there is something that just doesn’t sit right for me.

Mark Hughes


Mark Hughes hasn’t had the best run of form over the last few clubs he has managed. He did well at Blackburn and okay at City. But since then it has been downhill for him. If I were an Everton fan I would worry if he was appointed. His transfer record hasn’t been the best. He has spent big sums of money but hasn’t got the best quality players for it.

In football there always seemed to be a trend of following the reputation of a manager or player over the actual ability. Players got bought on their man and managers got hired on their too. But now more than ever, results are key. What they most recently achieved is paramount. Not what they once did, but they most recently did. What they can do, not what they did do.

With that being said, I wouldn’t hire Hughes because of that. But also I would hire the next person on the list for exactly the same reason.

Martin O’Neill

Soccer - UEFA Cup - Group F - Aston Villa v MSK Zilina - Villa Park

Martin O’Neill is a great manager. That is something that is said and written. And although I like him, that statement is an old one. Look at what he has done in the last few years. Success followed O’Neill with Wycombe, Leicester City and Celtic and when at Villa it looked like he was going to bring it their too. He built a good, attacking team and a FA Cup or League Cup didn’t look out of the question, even pushing for European positions, but after tensions between him and owner, Randy Lerner, raised high O’Neill left the club.

MON then became Sunderland manager. With the fans hoping for the same rise as what Villa saw, when they didn’t come they became weary. Under just a year and a half MON had only won 21 of his 66 matches and was let go. The fire that had always been evident in MON had seemed to have gone out. That is a worrying sign. It seems that his love for the game has dwindled, so maybe a bit of time away is best. Absence makes the heart grow founder and all that.

f00tballmatters’ call

Out of that list I would give it to Martinez. I think he is the man best suited to the job and one fans would be able to appreciate. He would have Everton play good football and with a little extra money that at Wigan, not by much, I think he would make some astute signings like Moyes has for Everton and keep them on the path they are on.

Not everyone will agree with that, but who would you pick?  Leave your comments at the bottom.


3 thoughts on “Candidates for Everton’s Iron Throne

  1. Clint Dempsey is really a nice pleyar, I think he more forward than attacking midfielder, but, nevertheless, he is a universal pleyar that can take any position on the field and participate in every attack that is taking place. He is a very constructive footballer and I suppose the best nowadays American soccer pleyar. As far as I know he has 2-years contract in London and is not going to leave the team as Villas-Boas considers him being a key pleyar in his tactical schemes. But if Man United is really being in need of Dempsey then we can wait for this transfer as well ’cause MU won’t spare money for their manager need. 0Was this answer helpful?

  2. So a journalist has steeerd him into a comment about playing in Spain and he’s re-iterated that he’d like to at some point?. Is that news?. As for next season, yeah, sure if Barca or Real Madrid came in for him that he’d be looking for a move. Doesnt say he’s trying to find a new club does it?.

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