neymar confed cup

Neymar took to the internet to speak out about the current unrest in his home country of Brazil where the Brazilian people are rightly peeved at so much money being spent on stadia when they want schools, hospitals and better general living. It would seem to put Brazilian footballers in some what of a bind, but Neymar has taken it on his own head to speak out and do so in a very mature and well balanced way.

More power to him we say here at f00tballmatters.

What Neymar had to say – “Sorry for everything that is happening in Brazil. I have always had faith that it would not be necessary to get to the point of “go to the streets” to demand better conditions of transport, health, education and security, it is the obligation of the Government … My parents worked hard to be able to offer for me and for my sister a minimum quality of life … Today, thanks to the success that you give me, it would seem my demagogy-but is not-raise the flag of the demonstrations that are taking place throughout Brazil. But I am Brazilian and I love my country! I have family and friends who live in Brazil! So I also want a more just Brazil, safer, healthier and more HONEST!! The only way I have to represent and defend the Brazil is on the pitch, playing ball … And from this game, against Mexico, go into the field inspired by this mobilization … #TamoJunto”


Agree or disagree? Have your say!

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